iPhone and iPad Cables can be a fire hazard – choose carefully

Since the first iPod came out in 2001, 3rd party vendors have been trying to sell replacement cables for charging and connecting to the computer.

Since day 1, there have been plenty of junk products on the market. These products have not been made to Apple’s standards. On the bright side, there have always been handful of companies that have provided high quality accessories for Apple’s iDevices: Amazon (brand), Griffin, and Belkin. Amazon cables literally bear the Amazon name on the product.

Since 2012, Apple’s iDevices (iPod Touch included) have used a new type of cable — the Lightning cable. These cables make charging so simple because the tip that plugs into the device is REVERSIBLE. It goes in both ways.

3rd party cable makers can be found everywhere. The issue isn’t just about the cable going bad or damaging your device — non-certified lightning cables are literally catching on fire and killing people.

So stick with Apple branded, Amazon, branded, Griffin, or Belkin for your replacement iDevice cables. I have an iPhone and I find that having a second cable is essential.

Important note: there is no official Apple branded iPhone car charger. If you want one of these, stick with the Apple store or look into the above mentioned brands. Using an ill-made accessory could void a future warranty claim.