Worst computer nightmare – AntiVirus becomes Virus

Sometimes I have to put myself in your shoes.   The computer world, especially with the Internet, is a dangerous place.

Back in 2003-2004, the older term virus started to become known as malware.   Think of Malware as “bad software”.  It wasn’t a virus that got on your computer and replicated to other users on your network or your email recipients.  Surely, those still exist.  However, malware refers to a bad program that just sucks the life our of your computer.  It may steal everything you type, lock you out of your files, erase your hard drive.   Related to malware is adware, which puts a constant stream of popup ads on your computer.   There may be malware included with ads as well.

Mac OS  X, released in 2001, was a great advancement in fighting computer security issues.  Additionally, Windows XP SP2 released in Summer 2004 was a giant leap forward on the Windows front.  Truth be told about 90% + of these offending programs are being created for Windows.   Mac security threats are growing but pale in comparison.

Do you want to know the dirty little secret about Malware?  If you click YES or OK on it, or in some cases merely open it,  no anti-virus program will stop it.  New malware comes out every day, even the best anti-virus programs cannot stop it.

Traditional anti-virus players like Norton and McAfee were slow to respond, so a new generation of anti-malware programs came to the rescue.

A program that I really liked back then was Ad-Aware. Some of you may remember me using it.  It was really the top of the line.    I have not recommended this program to the clients since 2008 or 2009.  I like Malware Bytes much better.  Many of you with Windows computers have that on there.   If you don’t have the PRO edition, are you remembering to run it once a month like I told you.  Anyway, I digress.

People still use Ad-Aware, but don’t be tempted to try it.  Within the last two years, Ad-Aware was purchased by A COMPANY THAT DISTRIBUTES MALWARE.     The good guys……became the bad guys.  Can you believe it?

I ran into Ad-Aware yesterday.  Fortunately, I was able to prevent it from doing serious harm.   This is one program to stay away from.

Should you crawl under a rock?  No just be aware, very aware (and not AD-AWARE)