Chromebooks looking to replace PCs by going offline

I welcome this development because computing will be simpler.

Windows is still too much of a hassle for the average low-tech computer user.

If Chromebooks catch on, my business will slowly die out. THATS OK. I began planning for a career shift or adding a second career to my repertoire in Jan 2013. Green light — full speed ahead.

Chromebooks looking to replace PCs by going offline via PCWorld

Google is adding more features to Chromebook applications so that they can be used without accessing the Web, addressing a common complaint among users who want the laptops to function more like traditional PCs.

Although Web use remains a central feature of Chromebooks, Google recently added the ability to edit videos and watch full movies offline, for instance. A shorter update cycle means that the company can be more responsive to user demand.

“The platform has evolved and keeps improving,” said Caesar Sengupta, vice president of product management for Chromebooks at Google. “It is an OS that updates every six weeks. It keeps getting better.”

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