Firefox version 29 – take the 5 minute tutorial

As you know — I typically have my clients use either the Firefox or Google Chrome browser. Personally, I use both every day. We can call them my Co-number 1 browsers. I don’t like Safari or Internet Explorer because — they are not universal across Mac and Windows and further because their features and user experience leave a lot to be desired.

If you have Firefox — you will be getting an update to version 29 soon. When you launch FF for the first time post update, you are encouraged to take a tutorial that won’t last more than a few minutes. DO IT. While Firefox is as great as ever, it has a strikingly different look. I’m sure you closed the tutorial, like I did the first time. So, let me give you a direct link to the Firefox 29 tutorial.
(Click Let’s Go in green box)

If only Microsoft had given a 5 minute tutorial with Windows 8, the world would have been a better place!