Golden age of Mac Upgrades is NOT upon us

I have a lot of respect for dave hamilton. He is a pioneer in tech media. I listen to his podcast almost every week.

….but this article is straight up – smoke out the tail pipe.

Golden age of upgrades would be true if 2012, 13 macs were easily upgradeable. The only Mac that fits the bill is the Mac Mini. the current model was released in Oct 2012. It’s very likely that when it gets a refresh in 2 months, everything will be soldered down.

Who cares how upgradeable a 2007-2009 Mac is? If those Macs can even run the OsX 10.9, they can’t run it well.

Im thinking about getting an all in one desktop soon. The Dell Inspiron 23 is serviceable and is at the top of my list. The iMac is a sealed appliance. No way!

The Golden Age of Mac Upgrades is (Once Again) Upon Us via The Mac Observer

Years ago we Mac users enjoyed the ability to spend a little bit of money to upgrade our admittedly-expensive computers. It may seem like those days are behind us, but the reality is that we’re truly in the thick of a new golden age of upgrades.

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