Macs Only: Mac Buying Advice

A few weeks ago, I basically said that I could no longer recommend Macs as computers (with the exception being the Mac Mini desktop).

I based this on the trends in the Mac product line — more proprietary parts, inability of independent technicians to repair, essentially rendering the Mac as a "sealed appliance".

I also based this guidance on my personal, nightmarish experience with OS 10.9.2 for a specific reason that does not apply to any of you. I need to have my laptop connected to an external monitor when I am at my desk at all times. I love having two screens so I can keep more work open and available. Since October when OS 10.9 came out — using multiple screens with your Mac (a pretty routine matter) had caused my former MacBook Air to freeze up several times. To date Apple has still not come up with a remedy

This is an embarrassment and not a priority for Apple, although Mac users and Windows users have been using 2 or more monitors for at least 10 years. Because of this, I sold my MacBook Air and bought a business class HP laptop.

I have always said, I will support you in setup, training, and maintenance of any computer you wish to buy. I personally can’t rely on a Mac as my primary computer any more. Apple makes a fine computer. Mac users are usually willing to spend more. They don’t shop based on price.

My revised advice based on this topic is — if you are going to buy a Mac from this point forward — make sure you have a second computing device. That computing device may be an iPhone, an Android phone, an iPad, Android tablet, Chromebook, or another computer. Depending on what type of work you would need to do if your Mac was gone for a week for repairs, will determine the sophistication of that 2nd, 3rd, etc computing device.

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