The Best Non iPhone – Late March 2014

This is probably going to be an ongoing feature I sent out about every 3 months. The cell phone industry changes rapidly. The iPhone 5s is a premium phone and certainly one of, if not THE best. However, it has a 4 inch screen and the industry standard is 5. The iOS software is certainly notable for its limitations compared to Android. Of course, there are junk Android phones and good ones. There is only one top of the line iPhone –currently the 5s.

Just this week the HTC One (2014 model) was released. HTC is a small Taiwanese company that has been selling phones in this country for a LONG time. They have always been playing second fiddle to Samsung over the past couple of years, but their One (2013 model) was awesome and this year’s is even better. It is truly a Mercedes / Audi / BMW of an android phone. Check out some of the reviews.

If you don’t want an iPhone, the HTC One is built every bit as sturdily as the iPhone 5s. Keep in mind, regardless of what you pay your carrier for it, this is a $600 phone (as is the iPhone). You would be wise to buy the extended warranty from your carrier $8 to $10 a month, just as you should get Apple Care Plus for your iPhone $99 for 2 years. If your smart phones breaks, I know you want to get it fixed with no hassle and a minimal deductible at worst.

ATT and Verizon are selling the HTC One for $199 if you want to go the subsidized route. They (and T Mobile) will also sell you this phone for $25 to $30 a month on an interest free financing plan, sans contract.

My second choice for best non iPhone