Microsoft changes policies for snooping on accounts

No better than Gmail now. users: please stop saying that you have more privacy than Gmail.

You’re both decent webmail providers.

Microsoft changes policies for snooping on accounts via The Verge – All Posts

Microsoft revealed earlier this week that the companyscanned a blogger’s Hotmail account to track down a Windows 8 leaker. An ex-Microsoft employee, who allegedly leaked confidential copies of Windows 8 and anti-piracy software, was subsequently arrested and charged after Microsoft identified the individual from a search of a French blogger’s Hotmail account. Microsoft used a clause in the company’sterms of service for to allow it to scan the account. The move has triggered widespread debate over the practice, and Microsoft tells The Verge that it’s planning to alter its policies in future.

While courts don’t issue orders to authorize a company to search its own data, Microsoft’s John Frank, VP and deputy…

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