Computer tip: Held off on an iPad for THIS reason??

While there is certainly a debate to be had regarding the best phone: iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, or Blackberry…… I’ve regularly said that iPads make the best tablets. While there are a few nice Android tablets, Apple gets the tablet right.

However, I know that some of you have held off on buying an iPad for one very good reason. There are those who may feel that they can’t get all they want out of their iPad. This is a fair assessment.

However, this should all change next week. It is expected that Microsoft Office will be unveiled for iPad. Microsoft has a new boss and he is committed to getting to getting Microsoft services and programs into the hands of as many people as possible, even if you use a Mac or iPad, iPhone, etc.

To be able to get Office on the iPad, you must be an Office 365 subscriber. Yes! We’ve covered this before, but I’ll share again. Office 365 is Microsoft’s new way of selling Office. Gone are the discs and losing your code when you change from computer to computer. Since January 2013, Microsoft has had one plan for consumers:
– Office 365 Home Premium — $100 per year — install on any 5 computers you like, Windows or Mac. Those computers can be changed at any time. You never need to worry about upgrades
As of last week, there is a new plan if you only have a single computer:
– Office 365 Personal — $70 per year — allows you to install Office on one computer and one tablet.
** If you have a business there is an Office 365 Business product for $150 a year. It includes 5 installs, Windows / Mac.

One of these plans will be required if you want Microsoft Office on your iPad.

One final piece of iPad news: Apple has retired the iPad 2 as of today. If some bank or store or car dealer is offering you an iPad 2 if you overspend on ____(name the product)____ — its not a great deal. The iPad 2 is 2011 technology — that Apple kept selling to lure people in. The two current “big” iPad models sold as of today are the iPad 4 (late 2012 model) and iPad Air (most recent model).