Protect Your Android Devices

I have known for some time that 90% of the malware on mobile devices pertains to Android. It’s sad but true. Android devices provide advanced users so much more functionality than an iPhone. Others simply cannot believe that the iPhone is still 4 inches while the industry standard is 4.7 to 5 inches. However, with the benefits of Android comes the need for you to take security seriously. I’ve never said anything until now but yesterday I saw some Android tablets that were very buggy because of ads and a rogue application that was very annoying.

I can’t say for sure if it was malware or adware but it carried the name of a service that many Americans use — Magic Jack. They often advertise on late night TV, offering home phone service via your internet connection. The company owns many patents and has a license to operate phone service all over the country. I could not make a determination whether the apps on the tablets I saw were really Magic Jack or not. That’s not the point. On the official Google Play store — there are fake apps!! You have to be so careful.

The Play Store is a place where we can find many useful apps to add to our Android devices to improve enjoyment and functionality. However, if you see a 1 or 2 star app — stay away!

The best anti-virus / anti-malware app for Android that I’ve found is Lookout. Please download it and install today. Most of you will do just fine with the free version, but if you want to acquire the added features of the paid version that is your choice. Here is a link to view and read about the app before you go to the Play Store on your phone and install it.

You will need to create a password when you install lookout. Make sure that it is not your e-mail password.