Windows Update: Some better news on Windows 8

First of all, I want to remind you that my clients have never really had to suffer through the nightmare that has been Windows 8. 8 has thoroughly been a disaster for Microsoft. Their business has suffered for 8. Every major employee that has been involved in the making of Windows 8 has resigned or been fired. I knew early on that you wanted some of the unseen improvements of Windows 8 (faster file copying) but you wanted it to look like the computer you have always known. On every installation of Windows 8 that I’ve done, I have insisted that clients purchase a $5 application from called Start 8. This brings back the traditional start menu. For many of you have I also recommended another app from Stardock called Modern Mix. This allows you to run applications from that crazy Windows 8 start screen in a traditional window on the desktop.

Microsoft has listened to the complaints of Windows 8 users and those who haven’t wanted it. This Spring (likely March or April), Microsoft is going to push out an Windows 8.1.1 update. All who have 8 should be on Windows 8.1 at this time. The good news is, with 8..1.1, you will NOT need my help for this update. Windows 8.1 was a massive update and confused a lot of people because it made them go to that awful Windows 8 start screen. 8.1.1 is going to come to your system through the normal Windows Update process that you notice (usually when you shut down your computer). If you are on Windows 8 and do not have 8.1 installed as your baseline, you may need some help. Let me know.

If you are on Windows 7, you are fine. I have gone back to recommending Windows 7 for clients who want to buy a Windows computer. Microsoft will support it with security updates until 2020. You cannot buy a Windows 7 computer in stores. You can buy one one from,,, or A list of some of the computers I recommend can be found here

Two Worlds Collide
Microsoft plans to combine all of the best “under the hood” improvements from Windows 8 with the classic interface of Windows 7 in a new operating system, Windows 9, which will be released in approximately April 2015. That will be something to look forward to.

Hope you’re seeing through a clearer window today!