Getting the bundle you signed up for

As you know, I generally favor Comcast over ATT (or whatever they are going to call themselves) in terms of internet services. I have never been a fan of the bundle but freely admit that there are times when they can be a good deal.

I’ve been hearing a lot of stories from clients who were signing up for bundles (meaning a combination of 2 or 3 services) with Comcast. Some of these stories have been positive while others have been downright frustrating.

Bundle Offer Wisdom

1. In some cases, saving $20 a month could equal 100 pounds of trouble
2. Understand what the base price of the services is, any equipment rentals and what the taxes will be.

3. Do you pay a pro-rated charge for the first month, plus a full month on your second bill? Get a handle on the first month’s bill.
4. Is there a contract involved?
5. Does this bundle entail that you take a lower level of service than you are used to?
6. Get the offer IN WRITING!! If you are banking on a phone promise……don’t. Have them e-mail or fax you the offer you are being told — prior to signing up.