Stuck in a snowstorm? Take time to change your passwords

While many of us are a bit delayed today or even stuck at home or the office for a little longer than we expected — take some time to change your passwords.

Critical passwords such as banking, email, and other critical online services should be changed every 6 months (maximum). If you have a bad password for your e-mail and that is the same password for your online banking — a hacker has the keys to your life.

I am just going to rifle off a few services here but if you use them, you should be changing your password if its been more than 6 months since your last change
Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo, Microsoft (Live, Hotmail, Xbox,, AOL, Twitter, and any other service that stores critical data of yours

Take a view minutes and change your password.

Some of my clients and I use a password manager. The two I could recommend are and These are indispensable tools. I likely have over 500 passwords and most of them I DON’T EVEN KNOW. I let the password manager do that for me.

Identity theft is a drag