A computer made in the USA

 You know that I tend to prefer Lenovo (formerly the IBM computer division) for Windows computers. A while back, I threw out a teaser that by the end of 2013, they would be making some computers in the USA at their North Carolina facilities . Honestly, I didn't believe it. However, reality has arrived. They are starting small, making their their X230 Thinkpad laptop in the states. I have also been told by a Lenovo rep that some of their desktops are also assembled here (the ThinkCentre models). The X230 Thinkpad has a 12.5 inch, very crisp screen. It's very durable and is a road warrior's companion. This may not be a big enough screen for some but it can be plugged into a monitor, keyboard, and mouse for home use giving it a dual purpose. Personally, I would feel very comfortable with the X230 as my everyday computer. The X230 Made in USA model can be viewed here... http://shop.lenovo.com/us/en/landingpage/thinkusa I hope more companies follow their lead!