Mac OSX 10.9 is here — Good and the bad.

I have downloaded the latest iteration of the Mac operating system — AKA Mavericks – OS 10.9. It’s great. Not only do I have stability improvements and better security (under the hood things I don’t see) Apple has packed some nice additions in it as well.

Surprisingly, Apple is not charging for this update. That’s right its free in the Mac App Store.

We are looking at 1 to 1.5 hours tops for the install. Your Mac should be fully backed up with Time Machine prior to installing the update.

This isn’t the type of thing to ask — well what if I am happy with OS 10.8? I don’t want to upgrade. The Mac OS is an upgrade / update culture these days. If you can, you should. Windows users had a lot of problems with Windows 8 and therefore a lot of people stuck with Windows 7 and people are still buying computers with 7. Mac users don’t face that situation.
Conclusion: OSX 10.9 is great. If you want to hold off OK fine, but you should update within a few months at the latest.

I hate to end this story on a sad note but — Apple did release new computer models today. Unfortunately, there are some disturbing trends. Apple is really making itself a “boutique” computer company at this point. They are drifting into using non-standard parts that only they can service. This aces out independent techs such as myself both from obtaining such parts. In the future — everyone is going to likely be put into some 7 day repair queue at the Apple Store when they need help (except for iPads and iPhones of course which are top priority ). So there is a good chance that the Mac you have now may be THE LAST ONE I EVER RECOMMEND. However, for about 6 months or so the “good Macs will still be available”. If you are planning to buy a new Mac, buy soon choose one of these…

-13 inch Non-Retina MacBook
– iMac with Serial ATA drive (base model fine)
– Mac mini
** Models that are currently available today