Leo Laporte’s Commits Major Broadcasting Sin

Let me start of with praise first.  There is no doubt that Leo Laporte is the most successful tech broadcaster / podcaster in history.  No one has the nationwide name recognition that he has in this field, with the exception of Kim Kommando (perhaps in some markets).   Hard core techies criticize Leo for being too commercial or too simplistic or being a goofball.  None of that matters.  He is laughing all the way to the bank.   His TWIT.tv online broadcasting network streams a couple dozen shows in video and audio each week, free for public consumption, supported by ads.  A recent Wikipedia article claims that Twit takes in at least $4 million a year.  Leo claims to employ 25 to 30 people.  I believe he and his operation are worth every penny.

However, something happened on Saturday’s episode (#1023) of “The Tech Guy” that I consider a major sin in broadcasting.  The Tech Guy is not just an Internet-based broadcast but is carried on nearly 200 AM / FM stations nationwide.    After a segment when travel expert Johnny Jet talked about private WiFi apps and his own cell phone issues, Leo went on a mean streak and began this awful rant that no listener should have to endure.   It was completely unprofessional and disgusting.

I do not know if this was caught on the radio airwaves but it was as clear as day on the streaming edition and podcast.  Apparently, Leo had said “God damn” once.  Some people of faith in his extremely popular chat room were offended and ask him if he could not do that, saying something to the effect of “Leo what if we had used your name as a curse word?”   Leo really went off on Christians and then proceeded to say “God damn T-Mobile”.  He also encouraged Christians in the chat room to keep egging him on because he would keep doing it.   Heather, his in studio call screener, then began to talk about an interview Oprah recently had with a well known atheist.  Leo did not understand what the interview was all about and then after Heather told him, Leo said that THERE IS NO GOD and he went on to imply that people who believe in God are stupid.

My take:  Mr. Laporte — you have many people from all around the world that listen to your podcasts, especially the Tech Guy.  The audience of your weekend show is in the millions.  One of the hosts on your network is a Jesuit priest.   Your listeners range from liberals, atheists, conservatives, Christians, Jews, Muslims, libertarians and all other faiths.   We do not listen to you for political or religious commentary.  You need to apologize publicly for the highly offensive comments on Saturday’s show.  I have listened to nearly all Tech Guy and Windows Weekly episodes since July 2012.  I will refrain from doing so and from supporting your advertisers until you make amends with the public.