Try this when you have a computer problem

Sometimes computers can get pretty complicated right?

Windows, Office, Mac, iPhone, Android? Do you want to pull your hair out yet? šŸ™‚

Sometimes a client contacts me and they are not sure if they need my help. They panic because something has gone wrong on their computer screen.

LET’S GO BACK TO BASICS. Here is the most simple computer troubleshooting sequence I can give you. It applies to most situations where you are unsure of the problem or unsure if you need my help.

1. If you are in a program where you need to save your work — SAVE your work

2. Close (on Mac – Quit) the program you are in.

3. Re-open the program

4. If that didn’t work, Restart or turn off / turn on the computer

5. If the problem is gone, be happy! If not, it looks like you need an appointment.