Putting my faith in Dell again

Now that the activist (or scumbag) investor Carl Icahn has dropped his bid to buy Dell, there is no risk that they are going to gut the company and invalidate all warranties like other companies have done in the past. I didn’t want them to become the General Motors of the computer world. Founder Michael Dell stands alone in his bid to take the company private.

I can recommend Dell computers once again, but only the
Optiplex desktops and
Latitude 64xx and 65xx series laptops, just like before.

These are the models that come with a standard 3 year warranty.

I still think the Lenovo Thinkpad T and Carbon X1 laptops, and Think Centre desktops are a better choice. Lenovo is the only PC manufacturer whose sales are increasing and their satisfaction ratings are pretty high. Style wise, Lenovo takes the prize.

If you want a Windows machine, I would rank them
1. Lenovo
2. Dell

*certain models only of course and these computers are not sold in stores*