Tech Update: Cell Phone Breaks, What do you do?

More often than not we buy our cell phones on a contract here. That means we commit for 2 years in exchange for a subsidized price. Sometimes these phones have a warranty on them and in other cases they don’t. Possibly the phone is simply lost or stolen and the warranty won’t cover it anyway.

A small but growing number of cell phone users buy contract-free phones. They may buy simple phones or simple pay the full cost for a fancy smartphone, but have much lower monthly rates. In Europe and Asia, this is very common in the world of cell phones.

Whether you are a contract or non-contract cell phone customer — Losing your phone can be very costly!! Do you go out and buy an iPhone for $650 again? What about a $600 Samsung Galaxy phone? You will think twice before you go down that route.

Instead, think of buying a contract-free, unlocked phone. These types of phones are great for kids and adults alike, who are looking to save a few greenbacks. Check out two websites that will sell you these types of phones:, and

Some models to consider are
Nokia Asha 311 — under $120
Nokia Lumia 520 international (Windows Phone 8) — under $200
Nokia Asha 501 — coming soon
Nokia Lumia 620 (Windows Phone 8) — about $220
BLU phones — starting as low as $30 on Amazon.

Again these phones are new, unlocked, and require no contractual commitment. These options will only work if you are using ATT, TMobile or a pre-paid carrier on ATT or TMobile’s network. Verizon and Sprint users have a harder time swapping phones.

Always willing to pass on the savings to you !!