Busting A Computer Myth: Bigger Monitors

A bigger monitor may be a great purchase for you, but I wanted to shatter a myth for you about bigger monitors (or screens on laptops).

Clients often tell me — I want a bigger monitor so everything on my screen looks bigger. Truth: you could plug in a bigger monitor or replace your 13-inch laptop with a 15-inch and your text and objects could look the same or even smaller. Smaller? YES.

The higher the resolution, as larger screens often provide, the smaller everything is.

However, in your Windows or Mac software you can increase the resolution — making things bigger. Therefore, a bigger monitor gives you more screen space to work with once you blow up the resolution. Think of a bigger monitor as a bigger sandbox. The monitor itself doesn’t spread the sand out more to make it look like the sand has been spread out more. Another tool (the software) can do this for you.