Don’t Buy the iPhone 4 or 4s

Now Samsung has gotten a ban against the ATT iPhone 4.

While I think this is stupid legally — from a point of consumer clarification — I think its great.

While I think all of these lawsuits have gotten pretty dumb and that there will never be a big slam dunk like Apple’s $1 billion against Samsung last year, as Joe Consumer I believe Samsung clearly violated Apple’s designs with its original Galaxy S phone specifically the international version.

There are plenty of people — I’ve witnessed among clients and family — who are going out there buying the 4 and 4s — for reasons other than economics. They think well maybe I don’t need that good of a phone. Well maybe the iPhone 5 is too complicated for me. I’m not that sophisticated of a user, so the 4s is great.

The iPhone 4 is a June 2010 phone. Granted, the Verizon iPhone 4 is a February 2011 phone but not different in terms of power or speed than the June 2010 gsm model.

I think Samsung is doing the right thing in terms of marketing its marquee phone. They have Galaxy S4 and a Galaxy S4 Mini. Essentially a 5 inch phone and a 4 inch. HTC will be doing the same thing with their One and a One Mini is said to follow. Apple offers a nice choice with the iPad and iPad Mini. The Galaxy S3 Mini was sold as an unlocked phone for about $350, the same price as Google’s Nexus 4.

I think Apple should just have a the current iPhone and then an iPhone-Lite that they sell for about $350 as an unlocked option only. I know some may say well, how is that any different than them selling the iPhone 4 now. I feel it is consumer abuse for them to be selling the 4 or 4s as a contract phone. These are 2 year old phones!!