3 minute tip: One meaningful change in Firefox

Over the years you know I’ve talked a lot about using the Firefox browser on your Windows or Mac system. Firefox and Google’s Chrome browser are the staples in my toolbox as a computer technician and tutor. I like Firefox and Chrome because they are cross-platform and essentially universal, meaning they are the same on Windows and Mac. I am not as big a fan of Apple’s Safari or Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and therefore don’t be surprised if either A) I don’t have a quick answer about them or B) I suggest we make an appointment if you have a very specific problem with one of them. I set my clients up with Firefox or Chrome or both.

Firefox users take note! Firefox is now up to version 21. There has been a change recently. From time to time I tell you to CLEAR RECENT HISTORY. Fragments of websites are saved as you hop from one page to another. Nearly all of this data is benign but it does take up space. Some of you may also have legitimate privacy concerns whether they be with family or co-workers. Clear Recent History is a very useful option in Firefox to erase your tracks, going back a few hours, a day or Everything (since the beginning of time).

It is now under the History menu. History >> Clear Recent History. It’s a good idea to do this at least every month if not sooner, choosing the Everything option for the Time range.