Unbundling: be careful about home phone service !!

You guys and gals know that I’ve never been a big fan of the triple play / home service bundle from your phone or cable company.

Don’t have a single point of failure is my motto in this area of consumer decision making.

I’ll be straight with you. I don’t use a traditional home phone service. We use a VOIP service (voice over the internet protocol). You may be familiar with one of the major players in this marketplace – Vonage. After all, they run dozens and dozens of TV ads across the country week after week. However, Comcast’s Xfinity Digital Voice service and ATT’s U-Verse Voice are also VOIP based. They may give you an 8 hour battery backup device, but you are still talking over your cable (internet — connection).

You may be getting hounded by ATT’s U-Verse division to convert to their new Phone, Internet and TV services. Truthfully, if you want ATT for internet you will have no choice BUT to convert to their UVerse internet offering but you are not required to take the phone deal.

Again I do not use a traditional – phone company / dial tone home phone service (land line). However, I am going to stick up for ATT or your local phone company — at this time.

Many of my clients are RETIREES. Some of them have special needs. You may depend on monitoring services, related to healthcare or personal security issues.

There are well meaning Computer Guys out there, my peers, who would tell you different but I am going to say this bluntly — VOIP, COMCAST and U-VERSE PHONE SERVICES ARE NOT !!! THE SAME as a traditional land line phone service.

Some of my clients run a home based business or work as independent contractors. They depend on faxing. Granted, in 2013, there is a better way of receiving faxes than through your printer / fax machine but I’m assuming here you want to be traditional. You want your faxes going to your printer / fax machine. GOOD. Well, guess what? A VOIP / comcast / uverse phone line will do you no good.

My ultimate point here is — don’t be fooled. If you really need a traditional phone line — don’t bundle your services with Comcast-Xfinity or ATT-Uverse. For faxing, peace of mind, and personal security factors — resist change. For you — a traditional phone line is your best bet. Accept no substitutes.

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  1. ComcastMark

    Most of fax machines work with our CDV. Is there a particular model that you were not able to receive fax with Xfinity Voice? If you need more help on this, please feel free to contact us.

    Comcast Corp.
    National Customer Operations