Consumer Concerns: U.S. based call centers and US made products

So often I hear from clients — I called Company XYZ and I couldn’t even understand them. They didn’t take care of my needs.

I’ve made those complaints also. However, nothing is really going to change unless we change our own habits and demand more. There is nothing wrong with a foreign worker. There are many people working for US based companies who hail from other lands who may speak with a slight accent. The fault should not be placed with the worker, but with the US companies who were so eager to outsource the work.

Doctors, lawyers, and research scientists will always be domestic workers. However the economic base of our society or any free nation are lower and moderate wage workers and of course self-employed and small business owners.

The choices we make can crumble this base or build it up once again. These workers don’t need to be union either, but we can ensure that more of them are here. It’s not always an option to support a company that has domestic call centers or domestic production, but we can try.

Over the next few months I will keep compiling a list with your input of companies that use domestic call centers and or domestic production.

Some that I would like to add into the pot right now (may not be 100% 24/7 applicable)

-Lenovo customer support
– Apple Care support
– Dell support – those who choose the Gold / Pro support option when buying (believe Dell advertises North American support)

– Still made in the USA — I have shopped from stores / companies listed on this site several times

Let me know the good and the bad of what you’ve found.