Mac Security Bulletin — Notification saying something has been disabled

Mac users have been known to get a notification page, seemingly on a more frequent basis, telling them that a website has been disabled or something on a website has been disabled.

These notifications refer to a component (also known as a plug-in) that the website normally uses to display something for you (graphics, pictures, a video, etc).

THIS IS NOT an indication of a virus — but actually proof that Apple is protecting you. Since OSX 10.6, Apple has given itself the ability to silently block malicious attacks on your Mac. Do they catch every one? No. Do they always move fast enough? No. However, it’s a pretty good system. They do this without your permission, however I think its a very proper use of sweeping authority. We stay safe.

However — you may really want to get at what is behind the block. There should be some on screen instructions telling you what to do. Within minimal effort you should be able to figure this out and be back up and running within a few minutes.

If it becomes a hassle for you, please contact your favorite computer adviser — the kid with a Macintosh twist. 🙂