Google Maps is back on the iPhone and iPad

Dear iPhone and iPad users (recent iPod Touch as well):

Today is one of the happiest days in three months. Guess what? Google Maps is back on your iPhone and iPad.

When Apple pushed out the new software in September OS 6.0 — they replaced the 5 year old Maps app powered by Google with a 3rd rate maps app of their own. Apple even came out and said that their new Maps app was terrible.

This whole nightmare came about because of fighting between Apple and Google over what could and couldn’t be included in the Maps app. Of course, Google now sells and distributes software for phones called Android. I’ve tried the new apple Maps app when helping clients and let me be quite honest: It seemed like a beta product that was not quite there yet.

Anyway you no longer have to worry.

Go to your App Store on your iPhone or iPad today and search for Google Maps. Install it, IT’s FREE. Never look back. Rinse and repeat on all of your iOS devices. Then use Google Maps instead of the plain old Maps app. The same is true for the You Tube app by the way.


A friend in the business who really likes Google Maps