Apple announces new iPads and other devices

Lot’s of information out there — so I wanted to give you a BRIEF run down. 1) new iPad Mini. 7.85 inches compared with 9.7 inches for traditional iPad. 16 GB of storage (same as base model of big iPad). Things will not look tiny on screen. Same resolution as iPad 1 and iPad 2. Pricing $329 for WiFI only, $459 for WiFI + Cellular. No contracts require on cellular option. 2) updated full size iPad. Not many changes, but it does have faster graphics and new plug connector at bottom. Pricing remains the same based on size and whether you want WiFI only or WiFI + Cellular. $499 / 629 , $599 / 729 , $699 / 829. 3) Updated iMac desktop. This is the all in one 21 inch or 27 inch screen, with the computer built right into the screen. You would think this thing couldn’t get any thinner and lighter and well — its 8 pounds lighter and also thinner!! Pricing at $1299 for 21 inch model. 4) Updated Mac Mini — this is the square shaped box — the cheapest Mac — but not skimpy on performance. You bring you own monitor, keyboard and mouse. Mac Mini is $599. 5) New Mac Book Pro 13 inch. This is the smallest of Apple’s professional level laptops. The new model has a RETINA DISPLAY. This is the same eye popping screen as the iPad has. $1699. They are still selling the 13 inch Mac Book Pro without Retina Display for $1199.

Windows inclined folks — I didn’t want to leave you out. Remember you can still use an iPad or iPhone if you use Windows on your computer. Also if you want to read an article about why Microsoft is doing Windows 8 and what their objective is, I recommend this piece by Paul Thurrott. Paul hails from Dedham, Mass and is arguably the #1 Windows expert.

Whether you are going to upgrade to Win 8 now or wait – Paul’s book is the one I recommend as a guide.