My Apple Resolution – Part 1

I just want to address this issue for everyone.

I was always dignified, never swore and never raised my voice with anyone.  We’ve all been customers of many companies in our lives.  I also enjoy studying consumer science  — and I felt I’ve learned from some of the best including Tom Martino of Denver, CO — probably the best single market radio host in America and certainly  makes clark howard look like a paper tiger.   The one thing I’ve always learned from my experiences is — don’t be an open ended whiner.   QUANTIFY YOUR DEMANDS.   Most customers never do this.  I didn’t want to rant forever — I wanted a resolution.

In my letter to the Genius Admin  (manager of technicians)– which I’m sure the store manager got a copy of — I laid out the argument of a typical customer wanting a new 13 inch MacBook Air / Pro (both are being sold for $1199 now).   I rebutted the typical argument by saying — I know the 13 inch Air / Pro is not the linear replacement for the MacBook white which was pulled from the public market in July 2010 (sold the edu for a year later).   I stated my compromise position — that I would be willing to accept the MacBook Air 11.  That was my bottom line.

Furthermore, I was very willing to go out and buy a Dell Latitude E6430 or Lenovo Thinkpad T430 with a 3 year on-site warranty – both which would have come in at $1100 to $1200.   I was not blowing smoke.   I think those 2 laptops with the proper factory warranty are every bit as good as the 13 inch MacBook Air / Pro.

I filled out a survey today for Apple Care — one that I had not gotten from my other trips to the store.  I also was able to call Ms. Alexander — Asst. Regional Manager of Retail for Apple.  I left a message — not sure if she was even in or passed my message on to the local store.  At 8 PM,  I received a call from one of the managers at the West Farms store.   Without me saying much, he told me straight up — that I’ve been a very loyal customer and they wanted to give me a new MacBook — period.

He also said that he wanted to do one better than what I requested.  I told him — NO you don’t have to do that — I believe a 11 inch Air would be fine.  He said no — we want to give you the 13 inch new Air.

He showed it to me new in box — they had to keep the box.   Deal.

I thanked him and admitted this had restored my faith in the company.    I will address whether I thought they MUST do this for me in my next post.