Verizon Wireless pricing changes

Verizon CEO Thinks Awful New Data Price Hikes Are Revolutionary – McAdam Thinks New Fees, Low Caps Makes Life ‘So Much Easier’ |, ISP Information.

See article above for insightful commentary…

Here is The Acronym’s take:

1) On June 28 – Verizon Wireless is making significant changes to its plans — its monthly billed cell phone plans.

2)  If you are currently on a plan — you are not going to be changed to a new plan.  Your pricing will stay the same — they have to honor the terms of your contract.

3)  However, if you are upgrading to a new phone at a subsidized price  (which is what most of you do)  — then you are making a new agreement and you will be subject to the terms of the new monthly pricing.

4)  If you have only one or two basic phones with Verizon — I think its possible your pricing could increase dramatically over time.   If you have a family plan with 3, 4 or 5 lines with them including some smartphones  — your pricing may stay the same or even go down a little.

5)  If you buy your next Verizon phone as a used phone on EBay (allowed)  or buy it at full price from a Verizon store – I believe you can keep your existing plan.

6)  If all you are doing is basic calling and texting and want to stick with Verizon — they do offer a pre-paid service.  Their phones for this service are rather inexpensive – $20 to $100 — which is the full price (not subsidized)  and you pay $50 a month for unlimited calling and texting.

I don’t know much more than this — and I don’t want you get upsold in a Verizon store.  If you are a customer I think it would be very advisable to ask them about the changes and how they will effect you.    Their customer service number is 1-800-922-0204 and their phone reps are known for being very friendly.