Security Updates (Mac and Windows)

You may or may not know that but Microsoft releases security updates for Windows every Tuesday, known as Patch Tuesday.  These updates are very important and your computers should be set to receive them automatically and on a weekly basis.      Please click your Start Menu >> Control Panel and then look for Windows Updates and find the Settings within the Updates section.    Your updates should be set to Weekly on Wednesday and be fully automatic.    Microsoft is currently providing updates for Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7.

Mac and Windows:
We all use the Adobe Flash player.  We can’t get around it.  It would be nice to live without it, but the fact is we watch videos on news sites, You Tube, and other media that require it.   Adobe has just fully updated to version 11.3.   You need it!  It’s free of course, but you have to grab this update because from this point forward updates will run in the background and you won’t need to worry anymore.  For Windows this auto updating feature has actually been present since version 11.2, but for Mac it is brand new in 11.3.  11.3 is the latest version for both Mac and Windows.     Windows users please check your Control Panel.  Mac users please check your System Preferences.   Click on your Adobe Flash icon.   If it is showing anything other than version 11.3 please download and install it immediately.     ** If you decided upon my advice a few months back to only look at videos inside Google Chrome  – you should not find Flash Player in your Control Panel / System Preferences.  In that case, please ignore this message.  Your Flash will be updated automatically each time Chrome updates itself.

The current update to Mac OS 10.7 is 10.7.4 which was released a few weeks ago.  You should have been prompted for it already.   You can see which version of the Mac OS you are running by clicking on the Apple menu >> About This Mac.   If you are on a version of 10.7.x other than 10.7.4 please click the Apple menu and do software update IMMEDIATELY.     There may be an 10.7.5 or 10.7.6 release prior to 10.8 coming out later this summer.  Apple will prompt you for those downloads when they are available.