ATT DSL to UVerse transition

Just wanted to give you a heads up that if you are an AT&T DSL customer — you may be getting a notice from them in the very near future.


I’m getting wind that letters are being sent out to customers in Connecticut about transition from DSL internet to U-Verse internet.


This is not a great cause for concern  — its only the technology behind your internet that is changing.  You may notice a slight speed improvement as well.    I had alerted you to this change several months ago and while I don’t have a phase in date for each community in CT — the transition is coming.     It actually makes a lot of sense — in areas where they offer U-Verse (the next generation of ATT phone, TV, and internet)  — why should they offer two products that do the same thing?


ATT sends a lot of junk mail  — but I guess you’ll have to open every envelope now and I will too.


Essentially the letter is going to say something like this:


Your ATT DSL service is being transitioned to ATT U-Verse internet service.   You will get a new modem in the mail in X # of days.  You do not have to pay for this modem and you can keep your current price for another year.


I think those last two details are great.   Technically they do not have to give you the modem for free because you are not under contract with them.   I don’t think you absolutely need to call ATT to find out when your transition is going to happen, but if you receive the letter they will provide this number for you to cal  1-877.377.1686.