The Upcoming Windows 8

Just wanted to share this with you all about Windows 8 which will be released in late summer / sometime in the fall.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer reflects on what Windows 8 will mean for the company and all of us.

I stand by previous advice on Windows 8 based on what you are using now…

Windows 7  — you do not need Windows 8 anytime soon, but can upgrade to it if there is a feature, application in it, or something that you can only do in Windows 8 that makes you want it.

Windows Vista — you are the ones who are really on the fence.  You’ve chugged along with error messages and stalls for a few years with Vista. However, you may want to get a few more years out of your computer.  Then Windows 8 seems like a worthy upgrade. On the flip side, your Vista machine is 3 to 5 years old already so you are possibly on the brink of considering a new computer anyway.  In that case, Windows 8 will come with your new computer that is ordered after it is released.

Windows XP —  time to bail, go Windows 8  or new computer with Windows 8 !