Keep Up With Mac Updates

To my Mac Friends:

Please keep on top of your Apple updates.   Apple makes it so easy by notifying you every so often or in some cases promptly when an update is available.   Don’t skip out on these updates.  You can certainly delay, but don’t delay by too long.

When you get the pop up, you can certainly click the Show Details button to see exactly what the updates are.   Updates with an emphasized arrow next to them will require a computer restart.  So please make sure to save any open work and quit those applications.      To manually check for updates (hint:  good idea if you have a bad habit of ignoring updates),  simply click the Apple menu >> software update.  If there are updates, go ahead and install them.

These updates come from Apple; they are easy to install because the process is very easy to follow.  Don’t pick and choose just install them all.    Windows users forget their updates;  as Mac users we shouldn’t.

Other updates you should keep an eye on:  Microsoft Office,  Neo/Libre Office will give you separate update notifications.  Please stay on top of these as well when you get notified.   You should really only be using Adobe Flash in the Google Chrome browser, which updates automatically.  However if you need to use Flash in Safari or Firefox keep it up to date as well.   I would much rather have you not use Flash on your Mac and only use it as needed through Chrome.  (For those who forgot, many internet videos are played using Flash.)

Thank you!