Apple releases iOS 5.1 for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

If you’re using an iDevice — plug it into your computer (with iTunes) so that you can update to the latest software. Not a must do for today, and I’m sure Apple’s servers will be busy, but hey it would be would be a task you can add to your weekend. =)

New iPad announced today — Apple’s tablet computer. Pricing will remain at $499 / $629 for base models. In my opinion — target audience — someone looking for a second computer for road trips or someone who needs a very simple primary computer (with perhaps someone else at home who has a full fledged desktop or laptop). iPad 2 drops to $399 / $529

Just in case you were not aware — iPhones / iPads / iPod Touch all work very well with Windows — they are universal devices — and most owners actually do not have Macs for their computers.