Google’s new privacy policy takes effect tomorrow 

Just wanted to let clients know once again that Google is changing their privacy policy, effective tomorrow.   The company claims that this actually gives customers more privacy.  In a nutshell they are simply collecting non-identifiable data from all the Google services you use into one profile for use in internal improvements and to help them better market advertisements.

So for example — instead of them knowing we have one customer, age 35, male, from Hartford, CT who watches You Tube videos on Michael Jackson  and a customer age 35, male, from Hartford who subscribes to the New York Times news feed in Google Reader …..

Google will now see that oh yes, we have a customer, age 35, male, from Hartford who likes Michael Jackson videos and subscribes to the NY Times news feed.

PERSONALLY,  this new privacy policy is not changing how I use Google services at all.    However, the above article from Mac World (applicable to both Macs and Windows) will tell you how to tidy up your Google services or delete them entirely.

I’ve said for a while now that I believe Gmail is the best free e-mail account on the planet.

I believe that for those of you who want to own a custom e-mail address  ie.  yourname(at)yourowndomain(dot)com,  Google’s Google Apps option ($10 to $60 per year) is one of the best ways to do this as it gives you the same Gmail experience.