The White MacBook is Dead

The White MacBook is dead,  long live the White MacBook !!

Apple’s entry level consumer laptop, the (white) MacBook is no longer being sold.  Article from the Wall St. Journal’s All Things Digital blog included above.    This was the model that most “typical consumers” were seeking.  It was plastic and sold for under $1000.   It was sold from 2006 until the present time.

I am fortunate enough to have owned two of these.  The first one was purchased in 2008 and is still being used by a customer out in the Denver area.   I am typing this e-mail on a late 2009 model MacBook, which I purchased from Apple in April 2010.

Your choice now for a sub-$1000 laptop from Apple is the 11.6 inch MacBook Air  at $999.    If you do go this route PLEASE get an ergonomic  stand for your laptop.   You may strain your neck because of the smaller screen size.  The late white Mac Book was a 13.3 inch model.     If you do want that fuller sized screen, you will be looking at the 13.3 inch MacBook pro, which will run you $1199.     Both the Air and the Pro feature an all metal exterior.    To those looking for a LARGE MacBook Pro, the 15.4 inch and 17 inch models are still sold.    They carry a LARGE price too.  No offense intended.