Addressing MacKeeper

Some of you may have been prompted either by ads on Mac websites or through other means of marketing to download a free 15 day trial of Mac Keeper.

Those in the Mac community have mixed opinions about Mac Keeper.  I am not a customer of theirs, nor do I have any connection to the company which started in 2009.    However, it is not a virus.

MacKeeper is a bundle of utilities aimed at helping improve your Mac.  The software was developed by ZeoBit Software and is distributed by Macware.    ZeoBit had a booth at this year’s MacWorld / iWorld conference out in California, which concluded a little over a week ago.

One of the voices I trust in the Mac community is Dave Hamilton.  Dave is one of the co-hosts of Mac Geek Gab, a free weekly internet radio broadcast dedicated to helping people with Mac issues, and The Mac Observer, which is an online Mac newspaper, updated daily.     Dave is not a spokesman for MacKeeper, but he does speak highly of the product.

MacKeeper tools are kind of quirky.  You have to have a need for them, to justify paying $40 for the package (and an additional $40 per year if you want to keep the anti-virus which is NOT required).  Are removing duplicate files, making sure a certain program is the DEFAULT for opening a certain type of file, and keeping all your software up to date  so important that you need a program to help you with that ?   I’ll leave that up to you.     Though not a customer myself, the only tool out of their package that I would personally find useful is ‘Files Recovery’  – which attempts to recover files that you have already deleted and emptied from the trash.

And that’s why they offer a 15 day trial…..
They have posted instructions on how to remove MacKeeper should you not be interested in it