iPhone stops the orchestra

Yes, it really happened last week — to a childish streak of laugher deep inside me.  Major newspapers, websites, and TV broadcasts covered the front row patron at the New York Philharmonic STOPPING THE SHOW.   If you are hearing this for the first time, you are in for a treat.  The conductor literally halted everything and ordered the man to silence his phone.  It came within a hair of the main being asked to leave by security.
All of those details have been well publicized, but here is the technical take on the situation.

The guest was using an iPhone.  Even if you’ve never owned one, you know it is one of the most popular phones on the planet.  He actually tried to be courteous, but he only went halfway   As with any cell phone — you can keep the device on, but turn the volume all the way down to silent.

The patron actually did this!!  Good for him, right?  Well, not exactly.   He had an evening alarm set to go off and on an iPhone alarms will go off even if you have everything else silenced.   It makes sense because there may be times when you don’t want to be disturbed with any calls but you still need to wake up at a certain time.
We live in a connected world.   For some of us, we cannot turn our phones off, ever.  Sick loved ones may be calling, doctors may get called for an emergency surgery, or a child is in trouble.   However, please please, make sure your ringer is on silent and the ALARMS ARE OFF!