Bruce Williams

Bruce Williams, our man on the radio for so many years, is thinking of making a COMEBACK.   His new show will likely not be on the AM/FM airwaves but “stream” onto your computer and mobile gadgets.   No one is more excited than me.   You may remember his nearly 30 years of broadcasting business and consumer advice, which ended in March 2010.  Bruce was a pioneer in talk radio.  He and Sally Jessy Raphael launched the first daytime nationally syndicated radio programs out of NBC’s Rockefeller Plaza in 1981.

Bruce Williams has meant so much to my growth as a person and a businessman.   I began listening to Bruce when I was 9 years old.   He inspired me to think of starting a business in my early teens and eventually start this business when I was 17.   Bruce was with me through the tough times of my life it is the lessons that Bruce taught me that drive me to want to start new businesses in the future.

Bruce Williams sent out this letter to his loyal listener list today (below).  If you remember the warm fatherly voice of Bruce Williams and would like to hear him on the air again — please  email him at the address found below.   Well here it is

If you could just drop him a line like this, I would really appreciate it and I know Bruce would too.

Hi Bruce — I am writing you from _______________   I enjoyed listening to your show in the past.  I would love to have you back on the air again, streaming live over the internet or as a “podcast”.    I miss your perspective in talk radio.

If  you never listened to Bruce,  please ignore this message.  Otherwise, thank you for helping to get Bruce back on the air.