Why the iPhone may not be for you

This post is not addressed to those who say, I would never have the need for a smart phone.  That is too obvious.  Of course an iPhone is not for you!

For a single model of smart phone, the iPhone is the best selling device on the planet.  In total more Android phones are sold, however Android is the operating system.  There are currently at least 3 dozen Android models being sold around the globe by various wireless service providers.   Blackberry is still fighting on and despite a lot of negative press, they run a debt free ship and have a fiercely loyal customer base.   Since 2010, the Windows Phone 7 (not Windows 7 Phone) has really been catching on and is a very unique phone.   While the iPhone and Android software may appear to look very similar, the Windows Phone software stands on its own.   The carrier you are looking to do business with has these phones and they are worth your consideration.

However, I specifically want to address Android here but the same general advice applies no matter which iPhone competitor you MAY be interested in.  Don’t get caught up in specs.   Someone told you a particular Android phone has a bigger screen than the iPhone or it is so much faster.   What does this really mean to you?  How does it apply to your situation?  If someone told you the Altima gets 10 horsepower more than the Camry, would that alone really get you to switch?

Two reasons why you should consider an Android device over an iPhone:

1)  It has software features that the iPhone doesn’t have.  If there is something you can do on an Android daily or weekly that is not easily accomplished on the iPhone, well I think you have your answer.   Such discrepancies DO exist.  It’s best to ask someone about what you personally need to use your phone for.

2) Used Android phones or low cost Android phones.   If you lose your phone and you are still under contract, you can get a decent used Android phone on eBay for about $160.  A used iPhone will cost you $300.  Furthermore, more and more consumers are choosing pre-paid cellular plans and talking on a used phone.  These aren’t your year 2000 pre-paid plans with high per minute rates.   Page Plus Cellular runs on the Verizon network and offers unlimited plans for $45 to $55 per month.  Any used Verizon phone will work.  AT&T offers a GO Phone plan at $60 per month.  Most AT&T phones and unlocked GSM phones are compatible.     If you are going pre-paid, you will get more value out of your experience with an Android device – if it is a smart phone you desire.