An honest e-mail from me to Apple today

I just think the performance of Safari 5.1 is awful. I understand you are trying to do new things with Web Kit 2 but it comes at the expense of browser performance. I have also noticed issues with the latest Firefox 6. Yes, i have cleared caches and preferences before. I even did a clean install of Lion at one point. Using late 09 unibody MacBook, 4 GB of RAM.

I think some of this may have to do with WiFi performance. I don’t know if its software or hardware, but on Dell and Lenovo laptops web pages load with far less hassle.

As you have read on online forums I’m sure. Some Lion users have found a way to remove Safari 5.1 and force a downgrade to Safari 5.0.5 even though it is not allowed. However, I was not able to do this successfully running 10.7.1 two weeks ago and this is what caused me to do the clean install 2 weeks ago.

I’m in a line of work where I frequently make computer recommendations to clients. Until you make Safari 5.1 usable, I think I must advise others to buy a ThinkPad T420 over a MacBook or MBP 15. This is crazy!!

THIS SITUATION HAS BEEN RESOLVED!  The outcome may surprise you.  Please read…