Macs Only: Opening difficult attachments

Depending on your circumstances if you read your e-mail in the Mail program, you will get attachments now and then that you just can’t open.

Most likely these will come from Windows users sending you multiple attachments from the Outlook program.

You were expecting to get some documents, pictures, whatever, in a message and there is only one attachment and its called WINMAIL.DAT

And guess, what you can’t open it. Well, all of your attachments are actually hidden in that file. Thankfully, Josh Jacob has created a free program for your Mac that helps you open these odd attachments.

You don’t have to have a brand new Mac either. This free program can be installed on older Macs with PowerPC processors.

So if you only use web mail, this program is not for you. However, if you use MAIL to read your email and you have ha problems opening attachments in the past — best to download and install this program.

Read the very simple “How To” section either before or after installing the program so that you know how to open WINMAIL.DAT attachments.