Windows 8? Coming….next year ?

I know that some of my clients will always be Windows users.

Some will always have the perception that Mac computers cost more than Windows computers.

Others feel uncomfortable about switching from a trusted platform that they have known for years.

Many feel comfortable maintaining a separation of loyalties — Windows for the computer, iPad for the tablet, and iPhone for their cell phone and this strategy will work. Windows computer people will not be at a disadvantage.

Never the less, I am very grateful for my Windows customer base. You are still way more than 50% of my business.

I also very honest with you and I don’t think Apple can do everything better.

One example, I believe that the Lenovo (IBM) Thinkpad T420 laptop is the best built on the planet under $1500 and will hold up under heavy travel and is great for heavy typing. I do not believe Apple makes the best product in every category. However when we expand our discussion to include product + customer experience, then we open up a new dimension of WHAT REALLY WORKS BEST FOR YOU.

In this article linked above from the Wall St. Journal’s tech blog, you will see a picture of the desktop in the forthcoming Windows 8 operating system and some brief descriptions of its features. I think Windows 8 is going to be a blast to use. It is going to put simplicity back into Windows for those who want to keep it simple.

Do you want to get to your e-mail quick, internet quick, stock quotes, photos? Do you want these core functions to be as easy to get to as on an iPad? Well Apple has pretty much done that with their new 10.7 software released in July, but Windows users won’t have to wait long. I predict that Windows 8 will be out by the end of 2012.

Get ready….here it comes……