Macs Only: Safari browser in 10.7

I haven’t done one of these Macs Only updates in a while, so let’s get to it

I know many of you have upgraded to OS 10.7, the latest Mac operating system which was released in July. Some of you are still holding out and help is available when you are ready!!

However, I wanted to touch on Apple’s browser Safari in the new OS. Safari has undergone a major overhaul and while it may not look different, it is quite different “Under the Hood”. The Safari version # has increased from 5.0.5 to 5.1.

The old Safari was pretty good. The new Safari is slow and terrible!! Do a Google search or look on Apple’s own forums and you will see what I am talking about.

In theory Safari 5.1 was supposed to be the best ever. They use a sandbox technology that isolates all of your browser tabs (pages you may have open at one time) from the rest of the computer. However, all of this technology causes Safari to be one very very sloooooooow adventure.

This is why when I work on your Mac, I always set up at least one other browser. These options would entail Firefox and Google Chrome.

If you are noticing major slowdowns in Safari please download and install Firefox and or Chrome if you have not already. If they are not in your dock, they may be in your Finder >> Applications folder.

I hope when the Safari 5.1.1 update is released in a few weeks, we will be beyond this problem.