Hurricane Irene: unplug your stuff if no surge protection

Well friends….. I hope you listened over the years and heeded my warning to buy good surge protectors for your computers and other electronics equipment.

I have consistently only recommended two brands of surge protectors:

1. APC
2. Monster

These 7 to 11 outlet life savers are backed with insurance protection if your equipment gets damaged. I heard from others that APC and Monster actually do step up to the plate and pay their claims. Surge protectors from these companies are not the $15 power strips you find in large stores. Those are typically not surge protectors or are but are not backed by a reputable organization.

The only other type of surge protector I think I would mention is Staples brand. They started selling these a few years ago and they are backed with some type of guarantee. You have to look for the Staples branding on the packaging. I don’t think Staples is going anywhere….

If its too late, you really should just unplug your equipment during the storm tomorrow. In the future, please order good APC or Monster surge protectors from a vendor like A good one with 7 to 11 outlets will run you anywhere from about $30 to $70 and you may need more than one depending on your situation.