Mac OS: Update 10.7.1 available

Macintosh OS 10.7.1 has been released today. As is usual with minor updates, this is a free download from Apple.

For those of you already running 10.7 (Lion), please….

1) Make sure you have Quit all open applications

2) Click on the Apple menu in the top left of your screen

3) Click Software Update

4) A 2 to 5 minute scan of your system will occur, then you will be prompted to install the 10.7.1 update

The update is small in size and will take no more than 10 minutes. Though it is small, it is very important as it patches a few flaws that existed from when Lion was released on July 20.

** If you have not upgraded to 10.7 yet, you really need to unless…..

A)  Your Mac is so old that it will not support Lion (i.e.  models that came out prior to late-2006)
B) If you are planning on buying a new Mac really soon

Multiple Mac families are allowed to purchase the software one time @ $30 and do not need to buy multiple copies.

Please ask for help, if needed, in transitioning your Mac to Lion.