When buying a Windows computer

I fully understand that some of my clients need or prefer a Windows only computer. Those who really prefer a Mac, but need to run a few Windows programs can do so on a Mac through some pretty amazing software. However, I know that some of you are in the JUST WINDOWS group.

Do yourselves a favor and buy a Windows machine that will be there for you a couple years later. Buy a Windows computer that a service professional or you can EASILY fix.

The Dell computers sold at Best Buy or Staples are NOT the ones I recommend. These are low grade computers that are meant to be thrown out the minute something goes wrong. Some of my long time customers remember me using a term to describe Compaq’s horrible systems from a decade ago — PLANNED OBSOLESCENCE. This is exactly the scenario with a lot of the computers sold at big box stores.

I really feel that some of my clients who bought these systems were lied to. Wouldn’t you think a Dell was a Dell? Far from the truth……

It’s not even a matter of spending more or spending less. It’s about quality versus being substandard. I think I shared with y’all how I set up two quality Dell systems for retirees this spring and both computers were under $600 (desktops).

I’ve kind of said this before, but I am going to say it very succinctly this time:

The only Windows computers I can faithfully recommend at this time:

Dell Optiplex 380 series, 390, 580, 780, 790
IBM / Lenovo Think Centre or Think Station

IBM / Lenovo Think Pad T420 or T520 (previous 410 / 510)
Dell Latitude E6420 / 6520 (previous 6410 / 6510)

* None of these models can be purchased in local stores. The Dell systems must be ordered from Dell. The Lenovo’s must be ordered from Lenovo or authorized retailers.

Of course I will do my best to support all current Windows systems that clients own, but in the future I MAY not get involved in setting up and servicing non-recommended systems.