Mac OS 10.7 – three stellar improvements

I can give you three major improvements that I have noticed right off the bat.

1. Mail. For those of you who may not know the program’s name — Apple’s built in e-mail program is called Mail. It has been redesigned for the 10.7 software release making it much easier to keep your conversations organized. Sometimes you and the person (or group) you are e-mailing with send several e-mails back and forth. The new design of mail makes it very easy to see your entire conversations. For best results don’t change the subject line when you are sending and replying on the same topic.

2. Launchpad. Where are all my programs? What programs do I have on my Mac? I’m fair enough that I can give credit where it was due and up until this point, it was MUCH EASIER to see all of your programs on a Windows computer via the Start Menu than on a Mac. On your Mac you had to click Finder, then you had to find the icon for Applications, and then you had to likely scroll up or down to see all of your programs (Applications). With Windows, you simply have to click Start and Programs. Well — times have changed and Mac has beat Windows this time. If you simply click Launchpad (a new icon on the Dock at the bottom of your screen) you can see an overlay with icons for all programs. If you have more than 15 or so programs, you can see the rest of them on screen 2. You can easily get to page 2 by pressing the right arrow on your keyboard or by swiping your fingers on the Magic Trackpad* or Magic Mouse* (if applicable).

3. Creating user friendly workspaces. It is very common to have one program open like our internet browser (Safari or Firefox) and then need another program open at the same time such as Mail or our word processing application (Word, Neo Office, or Pages). Some people solve this screen clutter issue by buying a 2nd monitor. However, with an Mac feature called Spaces this really isn’t necessary. You can assign one program to your first space and then assign your second, third, etc. program to an additional “desktop” so that you can keep things separated and less confusing. Then you don’t have to worry about windows being on top of windows and and ask, what happened to my window?

I look forward to sharing more improvements as I come across them.