The LION roars — downloading my upgrade now

The new operating system for Mac OSX 10.7 became available this morning and I am downloading my copy now — so I can get a jump on the situation and be ready to service your needs later in the week, next week and beyond.

I have a 3.0 mbps internet connection and it reported that the download would take 3.5 hours. If you have a cable internet connection it is likely your time would be cut in half.

If you have the bare minimum DSL speed with ATT or another provider (1.5 mbps) your download may be VERY LONG — over 6 hours.

To make our appointments as smooth and cost effective for you as possible — let’s start the download remotely and then I can come and finish things up when it is over. If you have multiple Macs in the house — you only need to pay for the software ($30) once but you have to follow a careful procedure to make a backup copy that can be install on the other Macs. I will do this for you. It is a delicate process and you only have one shot at doing it.

Ready for Lion!!