Netflix Tells Its Customers To Ditch Their DVDs Or Pay Up

I know many of you are loyal Netflix subscribers so I wanted to pass this on to you.

As the article states, Netflix redefined itself last year as a streaming video company that also does DVD rentals.

It seems they are moving more and more into the realm of streaming video by changing their price plan to favor streaming customers.

Streaming = watching moving on your computer, lapptop or on your TV via a Roku box, Apple TV box or Tivo box — hooked up to your internet connection, no DVD.

Pricing had been $8 for streaming only (no DVD’s mailed out) and $10 for streaming and one DVD at-a-time.

Now it is going to be $8 per service, with $8 streaming as the minimum package. That means if you were paying $10 a month for one DVD at a time and streaming (whether you used the streaming or not) — you WILL NOW PAY $16 !

I still believe Netflix is an incredible company and provides great service. They also offer wonderful phone based customer service. However, the movie and TV studios are raising prices on them, necessitating this cost increase. Netflix is not trying to rob you; they are simply trying to stay alive.

Perhaps this is the time that you want to learn to take fuller advantage of the Netflix streaming services. If you need help setting up a TiVO Box, Roku box or Apple TV box so that you can watch Netflix streaming on your TV — I am available. I will first give you my honest recommendations so that I can let you know if this is a reality for you.

A basic primer on the boxes (similar to a cable box):

Roku box: approx $60 to $89 — can connect to older TVs and HDTV. Compatible with Netflix and other services

Apple TV: $99 from Apple (not a TV itself, but a box that connects to your TV). HDTVs only. Older TV ?? Choose the Roku or the Tivo

Tivo: $99 (special from TIVO) the best TV recorder on the planet!! This is actually a substitute for your cable box / DVR from your cable company. Unlike the other 2 boxes there is a fee of $12.99 per month, similar to what your cable company charges. It also connects to Netflix and other streaming services.

I hate to use an overused expression but I guess Netflix is saying “get with the program” or you will have no program !!